Top 6 Best Cricket Games for PC

Best HD cricket games for windows 7 and 8 PC are rare; leave alone HD but even regular games are hard to find which are good enough and do not frustrate you on all levels. If you are looking for the best sports games there are so many that you can spend a lifetime playing and completing them and you will still have more in spare. But our job here is to get you the best cricket games for windows 7 and 8 PC and that is what we are going to do. So following is the best cricket games for PC list.

06 Best Cricket Games for PC Free Download

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1. Ashes Cricket 2013

Download Ashes Cricket 2013 for PC

Of all the bad cricket games out there, this one is the top of the best of the worst list and so makes it to our list as one of the top 6 best cricket games for PC. And the main reason why it is here is because we did not find another game worse than this that was still tolerable. This shows exactly how much good cricket games elude us really badly. But yes, even though a newer iteration of the previous Ashes games, still the game manages to score less than the older version itself. It is compatible with the latest OS and can be played if you have absolutely nothing else better to do. So that is Ashes Cricket 2013 for you.

2. Brian Lara Cricket 2007

Download Brian-Lara-200 for PC

Developed during the 2007 ICC Cricket World Cup in the West Indies, this game has some better graphics and is very much playable. Though the physics mechanism are engines are still stuck at 2000 and not moved on, but the graphics have definitely improved with the newer player list. This is the same game that was released under multiple names depending on the area like Ricky Pointing Cricket in Australia and Yuvraj Singh Cricket in India and Sri Lanka which was kind of a bummer because Yuvraj did not perform at all in that world cup and India failed miserably.

3. International Cricket Captain 2013

International Cricket Captain 2013

If you love to sit back and take credit for things in the background, you would like this game. Without giving much thought about the graphics, you can play this game by managing your team and becoming the best captain of all. So if you wish to take some virtual beef against some player who thrashed your bowler in real, this is not the game for you. But then again if you feel you can do a better job than your actual team manager, you should give this game a try.

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4. Ashes Cricket 2009

Download Ashes Cricket 2009 for PC

If you are wondering why the older version of the same game is present in the list which has the newer version as well, the reason is very simple; it is because the older version is actually way better than the newer one. The newer version simply sucks on many different levels. The graphics in this game are worse, yes, but with it the actual game play seems a lot more reasonable and enjoyable because that is exactly what you are currently expecting from the game and nothing else. So all in all, gun to my head, I will choose the 2009 Ashes ahead of the 2013 version.

5. EA Sports Cricket 2007

Download EA Sports Cricket 2007 for PC

EA Studios have been making decent cricket games since before the beginning of the century. The reason why we have the game in our top 2; yes we really do. I still prefer playing the EA Cricket 2000 because you can simply thrash the bowlers with a couple of buttons and straight down the ground on and on without any issues and suddenly ABD Villiers seems like a puppy in front of you. But coming to the serious side of it, the graphics of the game are realistic and the controls, though a bit messy make it seem a lot more realistic as playing it is as difficult as playing outside. But once you get the hang of it, nothing is impossible for you. Plus, this is the only game which has multiple tournament modes including the IPL, CLT20 and others.

6. Don Bradman Cricket 2014

Download Don Bradman Cricket 2014 for PC

Named after the Australian Legend, we found Don Bradman Cricket 2014 the Best Cricket games for PC. This is because it has some realistic physics engines, the graphics are good, it allows for multiple modes and you can pretty much play against whomsoever you want. Plus the game also gives you the option of creating your own player and taking him through 20 years of his cricketing career which is an added advantage.

So the above list seems like a good and fair comparison of the best cricket games for PC. Believe the above cricket games for PC list on your own discretion, but we sure claim it to be pretty substantial and a good guiding point for anyone looking for options. It is really hard to find best cricket games for windows 7 and 8 PC but we have some here that we hope helps you. Do let us know in the comments below what you feel.

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