5 Best Web Hosting Services for 2016

Today, the entire world is going online, with the smallest of websites and particularly startups are making use of the online domain to cash in for their business looking for the best web hosting for small business. With this a huge demand for hosting services have come up with put up websites on their servers so that users do not have to setup individual servers of their own and trust me, owning your own server is no easy task. So for this very reason we came out with a list of the 5 best web hosting services out there in the market for the year 2015.


  1. HostGator:

HostGator is by far the best web hosting 2015 service, and the only reason for it is the unmatched service that it has provided. Over the survey taken, over 80% of the users were highly satisfied with the services of HostGator. Though a very specialized service that HostGator provides, it does best in what it does and that is where it scores the most. It provided both Linux and Windows Servers to the users and even provides dedicated hosting. Though it does fall a bit short on other smaller counts like WordPress hosting and provides limited data transfers per month, it still scores over others where it matters the most.

  1. Bluehost:

Bluehost has received a ton of response lately, thanks to the huge discount it is providing where it is providing a great deal of bundle service for as low as a $3.49. What this gets you is unlimited space and bandwidth, $200 free advertisement credits and an anytime money back guarantee. This is something Bluehost has never needed because it has hardly had a bad response from the users. It is one of the best low cost hosting available out there. The one big shortfall here is the lack of Windows Servers which is demanded by many. But all in all, it is a win-win to go for Bluehost which is best web hosting 2015 service.

  1. GoDaddy:

GoDaddy has one of the unmatched customer service out there compared to even HostGator and the rest. But it is not really the best one when it comes to hosting services. It does provide what one pays for and their plans start from as low as $1 which is a huge advantage. What gets them here is the added advantage where GoDaddy even provides site building service for the newbies who are not capable of making their own websites. They even provide unlimited bandwidth so the response time of sites is pretty good as well making it one of the best web hosting services.

  1. Arvixe:

Arvixe is the best service available for the newbies in the online industry. They provide literally all the basic services available, but they are still somewhat is the beginning period which causes some issues here and there. It will still be some time until Arvixe gets into the main foray, but as of now with the hoard of services that it is providing, it makes it to the top 5 of the list for 2015’s best web hosting services with a good customer support, provision of both Linux and Windows Servers and VPS hosting as well for a very reasonable cost. It is the best web hosting for small business.

  1. eHost:

The final name in this list is eHost. It is actually a very good service but it is still quite unheard of in the international market. It is pretty cheap with its plans starting as low as $2.75. The biggest advantage with eHost is they provide a free domain for life. They have only a 45 days money back guarantee unlike others who give an anytime money back guarantee but then it gets you one of the best customer service available and also $200 free advertising credit as well. So all in all it is a lovely package to have and best web hosting for small business.

So this is our list for the top 5 best web hosting 2015 services. This is not the all mighty and the holy grail of all the hosting companies. There are other companies too and they too provide good services but we have checked out the record of all the companies and found that for the year of 2015, these companies have been the best. Who knows maybe next year other companies might come into this list and we will know then who has performed the best in that particular year. So do not simply go for as suggested and do your own research as to which hosting service suits you and your requirements the base, and yes, you can use this list above as a good baseline for a guide to choose the best hosting service.

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