Top 15 Best Free Health and Fitness Apps for iPhone Smartphones/ Tablets

Nowadays with the improvement of technology, iPhone stands in the top with many number of features included. Most people have these Smartphone for its extended features and development comparing to other Smartphone. With the advancement of App facilities in iPhone, it is convenient to install the Apps and play them for many number of applications. Numerous Apps based on the business, games, health and many more categories are available in iOS. Several Apps are available make your body into a better shape as the health Apps as many exercises so you can follow them on your daily activities in the extensive manner. Modern technology can make you to become strong and healthy without any diseases. The health and fitness Apps also holds the attention for many number of people so you can figure out what is the best App for you to install and follow the instructions in it. Obesity is the greatest problem that is faced by many people and the main reason is that most people do not have time and schedule in their daily activities for doing a simple sequences of exercises.

Download Best Free Health and Fitness Apps

Best Free Health and Fitness Apps

Health and fitness apps for iPhone cover a broad spectrum and are focused towards promoting good health condition. Some apps offer nutrition assistance, calorie information and food items whereas others can track your fitness activity and weight goals. There are also several apps that provide general healthcare information including CPR and first aid. These health and fitness apps can be either free or low priced. We have listed some health and fitness apps for your iPhone. Here is a list of Top best health apps for iphone 2015 so you can get more information about them:

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List of 15 Most Popular Health and Fitness Apps for iPhone/iPad

#1 FitStar Personal Trainer:

Installing the FitStar Personal Trainer App is enough to save more bucks as it acts as a personal trainer for your workouts that is tailored directly for your use. The FitStar personal trainer gives you what you need to do in your daily workouts and it have the time for making you challenges to attain in the extensive manner. Former NFL star Tony Gonzalez has created this FitStar personal trainer App for the beginners who need to have a strong and disease free body. Downloading and installing this App is completely free so you can set time in the application for doing the regular exercises in the extensive manner.

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#2 Runtastic Six Pack Abs:

Getting six pack with following the simple techniques of the Runtastic Six Pack Abs App in ios is prominent. The App is best for the beginners for attaining great strength and getting the faster pace in running. Running is the popular form of exercises and it helps in maintaining a good quality of health with avoiding all kinds of diseases in the modern world. Following the simple tips give in the App will be useful for getting a strong workout programs so that it is most useful for attaining your goal. Virtual trainers can follow the exercises with the time and they can avoid any injury in the most extensive manner. Runtastic Six Pack Abs is free to install for both iOS and Android. You can buy a pair of shoes and install this App to follow the instructions to achieve best results.

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#3 Amwell:

This app is created by doctors to let patients to consult with doctors through iPhones. This is a video visit app with doctors having more than a decade of experience in the medicinal industry. Many doctors are available for consultation through this app. By integrating health kit, you can share a lot of information with your doctor whom you are visiting through this app.

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#4 Carrot Fit:

Carrot Fit keeps you updated about your fitness and workouts. This app works pretty well and helps in monitoring your activities and commenting on them. All you need is to sync your workout data and weight with this app. Carrot Fit takes care of everything regarding your fitness and health.

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#5 Askmd:

This app helps in finding out the symptoms and causes of illness and in connecting you to the doctors immediately. After integrating your health related information such as height, weight, blood pressure, etc., you can expect this app to provide you with a complete advice. By acting on it immediately, you can improve your health condition within a short time.

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#6 Endomondo Sports Tracker:

Those people who are looking for a personal trainer can utilize the features of Endomondo Sports tracker. Whether you are indulging in running, walking, kayaking or hiking, this app keeps an eye on your activities, provides right analysis and improves your health condition.

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#7 Nike+ Training Club:

Feel to control your fitness destiny using this Nike+Training Club App as it has more than hundreds of workouts. Each of the workouts is crafted by the Nike master trainers so that the people could try each of the levels for making their body fit. Nike+ Training Club is the best App for getting lean, strong, focused and toned. Find the best easy-to-follow workout techniques and there are also video tutorials available for the beginners that will be useful for having the fit body shape. The App is also available free for iPhone and the instructions are provided by the experienced trainers.

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#8 Patient IO:

This health and fitness app for iPhone serves as a treatment reminders. With the help of health kit integration, it sends information to the Patient –IO registered physicians and reminds you about the required treatments automatically.

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#9 Fitport:

Fitport app is similar to Endomondo. It can track the bunch of health metrics such as the steps you have walked, calories burn, miles run, etc. By integrating health kit, Fit Port gets data from the health app. If you love having a good user interface dashboard, then this Fitport app is simply for you.

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#10 Omvana Meditation:

This app provides you with invaluable tips on how to meditate, relax, focus and sleep in the best possible way to have a healthy life. This is certainly a power-paced app with more than 500 transformational audios for productivity, mind, relationship, body and lifestyle.

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#11 Sleepio:

This iPhone app is designed to improve better sleep pattern of the individuals. Sleepio taps into your sleep pattern data and provide suggestions according to that.

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#12 MyFitnessPal:

MyFitnessPal App is an invaluable fitness and health App as it is comprised of the smarter options for making the fit body in the extensive manner. MyFitnessPal have the calorie counter so that it can be used for setting goals and split the monthly goal for reducing the goal in the best way. The App has information about the intake of food and the exercise that needs to be done on the daily basis for decreasing the excess weight in the body. Losing weight with following the instructions of the MyFitnessPal App is prominent.

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 #13 Lose It! :

With this app, you can track the nutrition and calories you have consumed. You will get nutrition information on what you have eaten through this app.

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#14 Motionx 24×7:

This is another sleep tracking app that has sleep cycle alarm to remind you about the right time to sleep. It works on four fitness aspects such as sleep better, more active, wake up refreshed and monitoring heart rate.

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#15 Fitnet:

Fitnet App has a set of instructions so you can set your goals about fitness and then follow the instructions. The App acts as a personal trainer and uses the camera so it can automatically measure the workout that you are doing everyday. Fitnet provides real time feedback and it would be helpful for improving the performances in the extensive manner. Installing the Fitnet App is completely free for iOS.

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