12 Best On-Page SEO Techniques

What is On-Page Optimization

On Page Optimization is the process of making the website for users and search engine friendly. It capable of ranking for specific keywords as well as make user experience to your website. On Page Optimization refers to Factors on website or webpage. It can be controlled by you coding on website. Example of this include content, HTML code, Images, Meta Tags, Right Keyword density and targeted keywords placement on the content.

There are many On-Page techniques. Here are the 12 best on page SEO techniques for better rankings. I would strongly you have to apply on your website today.

The infographic below contains 12 Key On Page SEO Factors,

1. Leverage SEO-Friendly Permalink URLs

2. Goal=Start Title With Keyword

3. Dazzle with Multimedia

4. Use Outbound Links

5. Drop Keyword in First 100 Words

6. Wrap Your Title in an H1 Tag

7. Nail Loading Speed

8. Add Modifiers To Your Title

9. Use Social Sharing Buttons

10. Post Long Content

11. Slash Bounce Rate

12. Sprinkle LSI Keywords


infographic By Backlinko

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