Top 10 Best Free Cricket Games for Android Smartphones

Download Cricket games for Android : Cricket had been the craziest game among Indians and thinking about victory against arch rival Pakistan in ICC world cup makes them more thrilled. The pleasure of watching matches, listening commentaries, reading cricket comments are so immense which forces people to play cricket outside. But who have that much time, no worry Cricket game apps for android are here to fulfill the desire of playing cricket. You can get top android cricket games for free download from smartphones.

Download 10 Best Cricket Games for Android ( Updated )

Here you will get to know about the top best free cricket games which offer real playing experience.



ICC PRO Cricket 2015 is an official game of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 produced by India games Ltd. This is the first ever realistic simulation cricket game. Gamers can play in different modes within the game. The game also consists of the 14 participating ICC Cricket World Cup countries with their original player names. To the delight of the gamers the games comes in 2 game play cameras and 25 in game angles of the camera and games can move on to the next level of cricket and experience the best T20 action of big shots. The minimum requirement to run the game is Android version of 4.0 and above. The game respects the users privacy and does not store any type of personal data.

Download ICC Pro Cricket 2015


World Cricket Championship Lt for Android

World Cricket Championship Lt is a fantastic android cricket game produced by Next Wave Multimedia Inc. Good news for cricket lovers comes with the release of this game because gamers can play three superb mode of cricket in this game namely World Cricket Championship, World Premier League and Super Fantasy Cricket League. The game consists of high quality graphics which helps gamers to feel the ambiance of the stadium. Users can create their team along with their friends and even challenge their friends to play against them. There is also multiplayer mode where more than 1 player can play with the help of their friends. This game requires Android version of 4.0.3 and above.

Download World Cricket Championship Lt


Real Cricket Premier League Download for Android

Real Cricket Premier League is an Indian Premier League based cricket games produced by Nautilus Mobile. IPL lovers can experience the taste of auction before the Premier League Season just like the IPL. Players can pick up their best choices regarding the franchisee and the players within a given fictional budget. There are different modes also players can play the historical moments of the previous IPL editions and even change the history in the game. Players can increase their rank and the best player among the players around the globe. Players can even set the difficulty level according to their mood. This game is built to perform best in the Android version of 4.1 and above and experience the smooth actions of the game.

Download Real Cricket™ Premier League

4.BIG BASH 2016

big bash 2016 game download

Big Bash 2016 is the Australian Big Bash based android game produced by Cricket Australia. Gamers can now experience the game mode of T20 and play with their favourite team of the Big Bash. Players can choose the difficulty level according to their mood. The game gives players the best experience of batting and bowling. This game given users the realistic mode of the game of cricket. This games also provides gamers to play a complete match of 20 overs’ each side and even 2 over’s game each side. This game requires Android version of 2.3 and above to run smoothly.

Download Big Bash 2016


world cricket championship 2 game download for pc

World Cricket Championship is the 2nd version of the World Cricket Championship offered by Next wave Multimedia Inc itself. This is the next gen cricket game. Cricket lovers can experience the best 3D mode of cricket in their finger tips. It includes different variety of batting shots and bowling actions. This game contains 18 different cricket playing nations, 10 different domestic teams and 24 different stadiums. Gamers can play any mode of cricket such as Test Cricket, ODI matches and T20 matches according to their choices. The games gives players the best quality graphics and even easy to handle. Players can opt for both automatic and manual field placements with batting perfection timing meter. It also gives you the commentary in English as well as Hindi. The game has also won different awards for their best display and taste of one of the best cricket games ever. This game requires the Android version of 4.1 and above.

Download World Cricket Championship 2


Beach Cricket APK Download

Beach Cricket is a mode of cricket at the beach produced by Next wave Multimedia Inc. Gamers can now enjoy their favorite cricket game in a different version that is not in a stadium but on a beach. This is new experience to all the cricket lovers around the globe to play cricket on the beach. The games use the normal rules of cricket of 11 players per side of total 2 teams at once. Experience the toss and choose your option of batting or bowling if you win. Players can play a 5 over match or a 10 over match. After completion of one match you can start another one to experience the taste of the sun, the sea and the sand in the beach. This games requires 4.0 and above Android version. 

Download Beach Cricket 


Cricket Career 2016 free download for android

Cricket Career 2016 is a new type of cricket game produced by Zeal city. In these game players can their own player and take the fictional player to glory. Starting from the lowest level of cricket the fictional player can get selected to play for the nation itself. In this game you can the reality of the original players who work hard and reach the ultimate glory and even become the captain of the respective national team. Players can take their fictional players to play IPL, Big Bash and other different domestic league to prove their worth. The commentary in this game is given by former Indian team captain K. Srikkanth. Players can update their kits and reach the ultimate glory and become the favorite player among the fans in the game. The game has received extremely good rating and gamers just love the game. Android version of 4.2 and above is required to experience the career game of cricket.

Download Cricket Career 2016


Download T20 Cricket Champions 3D

T20 Cricket Champions is a T20 cricket mode produced by Zapak Mobile Games Pvt. Ltd. Gamers can choose their favorite cricket team and experience the best T20 action of cricket. Gamers can also play Quick match and Tournament mode. Controls are very simple in the game. Gamers can use the variety of batting strokes with perfect timing. Bowling experience has been upgraded where gamers can swing the ball according to their need and mixing up the pace and length. Full 3D graphics experience with realistic animated batsmen, bowler as well as fielders. Now experience the best T20 action at your finger tips. Android version of 4.1 and above is required to run the game.

Download T20 Cricket Champions 3D


Stick Cricket - Android Apps

Stick Cricket is a very popular animated version of cricket produced by Stick Sports Ltd. The graphics of this game is somewhat different from the other cricket games. Players can play the game with a camera fixed from the back side of the batsman. Stick Cricket offers gamers to dominate the world by winning as many matches possible. Be the best Stick Cricket player among all the players using your tricks and plans. Stick has a lot many versions such as Stick Cricket Partnership where players can invite their friends to play along with them as a partner on the pitch. Stick Cricket Super League and Premier League are also few versions of this game where gamers can experience the taste of Premier League around the globe. This is an unique version of  cricket game and gamers are loving the different experience of the game. This requires Android version of 2.3.3 and above.

Download Stick Cricket


Cricket WorldCup Fever Download for Mobile

Cricket World Cup Fever is a World Cup game of Cricket produced by India games Ltd. Gamers can have the complete experience of World Cup and bring glory to the team which they choose. The game has 4 stunning modes namely Quick Match, Power Play, World Cup and Pass-N-Play. Test matches featuring mini innings with an option of declare also. User friendly app allows gamers to control the batting style, bowling style and the fielding placements also. There are 3 difficulty modes, 14 different teams, 6 stadiums in this game. Simple controls just using your thumbs gives the joy of the Cricket World Cup matches at your fingertips. Gamers can also see the full replay of the shot they played in the game. The game requires Android version of 2.2 and above.

Download Cricket WorldCup Fever

Above mentioned free cricket games are easy to download. You can get many more cricket games when you search ‘best android games’ on the stores.

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