Top 05 Best Free Screenshot Extension for Google Chrome

Are you looking for the best screenshot for full webpage, then you don’t have to look anywhere, the Chrome app store is full of all types of the apps, but it is up to you to select which best suits you. Here we are discussing a wide variety of these kinds of apps and have a list below. The below mentioned apps are the most downloaded apps as they do the job for which they are intended to do. With the help of these apps you can easily take screenshots of the whole page or of a part of it, and also you can add remarks to the captured screens which included comments, text, shapes and more. Some of these browser screenshots are readily connected with Google Drive.

Download 05 Best Chrome Screen Capture Add-ons for Taking Screenshots

Best Chrome Screen Capture Addon for Taking Screenshots

But before start using any extension, you need to first select the best, which suits your requirement. As you select, you can now get the screen capture chrome extension download and install it and the icon will appear on the top right part of the browser, so that you can easily use it anytime you want to take any Screen shot for entire page or a part of it. Some of the extensions that you might use are:

The List of Top 05 Best Free Webpage Screenshot Extension for Google Chrome

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Awesome Screenshot

The best extension for screenshot which is available is the Awesome Screenshot extension on the chrome app store, and one many individuals love to use this. You can snap the whole website page, or simply the part that is at present visible to you on the browser. You can quite making the screen specific to your usage by resizing the browser’s window before taking the screenshots!

You can use this extension for editing once you have the screenshot which you want to edit, it is ideal for new users and the best option for bloggers also. You can also resize your taken snap or crop it to desired size; you can compress the web or can enhance the screenshot quality. You can add remarks or different annotations which includes different appearance like rectangles, circles, freestyle, lines or even content on the image. It addition to this it has a blur tools available for users to use it according.

Download Awesome Screenshot Extension from Chrome Store


This Chrome extension has the ability to use to take screenshot of a specific web portion or a screen shot for chrome browser and after that you can save it on your hard drive or on Clipular cloud storage. Along with this, aside from having the capacity to use on PCs and laptops, it is compatible with all gadgets that use Chrome, including Chromebook and tablets. It has the additional capacity of supporting horizontal scroll of wide pages which sometimes don’t get fit into the tablet screens. Along with this, this Chrome screenshot extension has permitting clients by using the editing features to highlight the part of the page which is snapped or to include text messages on the screenshots.

Download Clipular Free Snapshot App from Chrome Store


This screenshot is the best competitor of the one of the best extension of screenshot i.e. Awesome Screenshot. After clicking the icon in the browser bar, you can take the screen shot of anything which is visible on the browser. Although it’s not possible to snap an entire webpage, this screenshots is compatible to take snaps of your desktop window or other applications. It is working on Windows platform is the only limitation of this extension.

The extension additionally permits you to put remarks on those screenshots, however is not restricted to that point of feature only. So far as that is concerned, the image editing tools which is embedded in the extension, with full support of different filters and layers. When you’re think that you are done with the screen shot then you can either save it on LightShot Server or can transfer it on your desktop.

Download LightShot Screenshot Extension from Chrome Store

Nimbus Screenshot

Nimbus is also a screenshot extension available on Chrome. It can also have the facility to snap a complete page of your browser or a specific portion of the web page. Apart from this, it can also snap the whole web browser. There are some features like you can crop or resize the image or can create your own drawings. With this you can save the snapped images into desired image formats which include PNG, BMP or JPG.

Download Nimbus Screenshot Extension from Chrome Store

Webpage Screenshot

This was the first screenshot application for Google Chrome, and the first that considered full-page screenshots with automatic scrolling property. Clicking on the toolbar button will the take the screen shot of the visible context, or snap a full-page screenshot of the site, in intervals. You also have the features like editing, sharing, cropping the image and can also add the remarks.

Download Webpage Screenshot Extension from Chrome Store

These are few of the free chrome extension webpage screenshot available on Chrome app store and a suggested online device you can use in making website page previews.

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